What can you do: Responding to Anat’s Brutal Arrest, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

As the international Jewish community reels from the news of the brutal arrest of Anat Hoffman while praying the Shema at the Western Wall, the leaders of Women of the Wall arrest overwhelmed and truly comforted by the outcry of support. We have been asked for concrete things that our supporters can do today, this month, this year to support our work at WOW and bring about the change that will let us all see the first real Bat Mitzvah at the Kotel!

What you can do:

In Israel:

Outside of Israel:

  • Lobby the leaders of your local consulate or embassy to make a statement regarding women’s religious freedom at the Western Wall.
  • Organize solidarity prayer meetings, rallies and other events in your community! Be sure to email us and send us pictures to let us know about it!
  • Write Op-eds and articles to your local Jewish news and community newsletters. Encourage your communities to support our work and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter.
  • Visit us in Israel! Organize a solidarity mission, or a trip of your own. Nothing can compare to the experience of joining Women of the Wall at the Kotel!

And of course, donate to our cause. Help us keep this fight going until we have achieved our full right to pray outloud as women, with tallit and torah at the Western Wall!

Thank you all for your ongoing support!

1 thought on “What can you do: Responding to Anat’s Brutal Arrest, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan”

  1. This is heartbreaking news. To hear that Anat was arrested for saying the Shma at the Kotel is chilling (as well as the arrests on Wednesday of WOW Director Lesley Sachs and WOW Board Member Rachel Coehn-Yeshurun). I am inviting every member of our rabbinic association to pause before they lead the Shma on both Friday night and Shabbat morning and include a kavannah that the authorities in Eretz Yisrael awaken to the meaning of the Shma regarding rights of women and redouble our efforts to support Women of the Wall. Shabbat Shalom.

    Rabbi Dan Goldblatt
    President, OHALAH: Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal
    Circle of Presidents, Rabbis for Women of the Wall

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