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Proud to Pray Like a Girl eJewish Philanthropy 31/12-13 08:14
The rabbis who steam up the pulpit The Times of Israel 31/12-13 07:14
Talking to the Wall The Times Of Israel Blog 31/12-13 02:24
Women of the Wall’s Susan Silverman named one of ‘sexiest’ rabbis by Jewrotica The Jerusalem Post 31/12-13 02:16
Are Women of the Wall Pathbreakers — or Provocateurs? Democratic Underground 31/12-13 00:27
Arutz Sheva’s Director Rabbanit Melamed Meets WoW in Beit El Arutz Sheva 30/12-13 19:39
Are Women of the Wall Pathbreakers — or Provocateurs? The Jewish Daily Forward 30/12-13 18:04


Not Pro-Israel Enough?, Huffington Post 19.1.12 November 2011

Women Wearing Judaism, Jewish Boston 29.11.11 March 2011

Paying homage to ‘beginning and renewal’: New exhibit at BJE, J. Weekly 24.3.11

Editorial: Don’t Take Women’s Rights for Granted, J. Weekly 10.3.11 February 2011

Fighting for the right to practice Judaism in Israel, examiner 7.2.11

On DVD: Not allowed at the Kotel, Jewish Herald Voice 4.2.11 January 2011


Anat Hoffman Interview, CBC Radio 23.1.11 December 2010

Fighting for pluralism and equality in IsraelNew Jersey Jewish News 29.12.10

Women protest against prayer ban at Wailing Wall, Digital Journal 11.12.10

Where’s The Outrage? The Surreal Mistreatment Of Women At The Western Wall, Failed Messiah 7.12.10 November 2010

Israel to invest $23M in Western Wall plaza, France 24 21.11.10

Praying By My Own Rules, The Cornell Sun 18.11.10

Anger and curses as women pray out loud at Western Wall, AFP 8.11.10

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