אלינה ברנר

Sasha Lutt

The first girl to have a Bat Mitzvah with a Torah scroll at the Kotel in 2014

“In the beginning I was very nervous but as the moments passed I became calm, and it was a very emotional day. I had a lot of fun.”

Rabbi Susan Silverman

On her daughter’s involvement in WOW’s Bat Mitzvah campaign

“My husband and I have spent some time imagining what it must have been like at Mount Sinai when the Torah was received. Now, my daughter is taking her place as a feminist and as a Jew. She is taking her place at Sinai and in the unfolding of tradition. Sinai was for everyone and everyone there heard God in their own way there. It is an indescribable feeling to see her taking this step.”

Rabbi Susan Silverman

Devorah Leff

Devorah Leff

The first girl to have a Bat Mitzvah at the Kotel in 2013

“I felt very excited and very happy that I was going to be able to have my Bat Mitzvah with Women of the Wall and at the Kotel itself because no other girl had ever been allowed to do that. I was overwhelmed at first but when I saw that I was surrounded by my family, friends and all of the women, I was confident when I did my (Torah) reading.”

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