This Wall is Mine, Too, WOW Supporter Ariella Rosen

In my first blog post of the year, I reflected on my inaugural Rosh Chodesh prayer experience with Women of the Wall and my hopes for identifying with their mission. Moved, proud, and excited, I wrote:

“The point is to make a space for US, not to try to change THEM. It was empowering to reclaim a space that hadn’t felt like mine for a long time, and to pray there the way I know how.”

This morning, I went back to Women of the Wall (my third time this year) and had a very different and disturbing experience.


To read about Ariella’s experience, click here.

To see the video of her discussing her experience, click here.

2 thoughts on “This Wall is Mine, Too, WOW Supporter Ariella Rosen”

  1. I am a dati Jew and know someone who takes part in WOW. The way she acts is so anti-dati, i read this article out of intreest and I was alarmed at your agression. The law states that women can not wear Talissim at the kotel, these girls disregarded the rules that are stated.
    If one goes into an Orthodox church, one must dress modestly, not cross legs etc. But if you were refused entry would you complain like this. No, rules are rules.

    By doing what you are doing, you make problems which don’t need to occur.

    These ‘holy’ girls dont live in this country. Jews gave up their lives for the country, how many of these girls who pray put their lives in danger for the country, or is it American women.

    There are some people with hearts of stone (WOW) and behind is a stone with a heart, which Dati Jews give their lives for.

    You won’t put this on a wall, why because you cant even respect another point of view

  2. Thank you for sharing your comment. We believe that the Kotel is for all Jewish people. You don’t have to be a Jew living in Israel to be allowed to pray at hte Kotel. While currently tallits at the women’s section is not allowed, this is something our organization is fighting and a part of a bigger issue of Religious Freedom. We will not stand for the current law and hope to change it. And please know that we of course would post this because we do respect another point of view since that is exactly what we are fighting for.

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