An ironic observation on freedom of religion at Judaism’s holiest site, WOW supporter Elli Fischer

Last week, on this site, Rabbi Joshua Hammerman wrote about a group that “has been denied the basic right that every Jewish group should have: the opportunity to pray peacefully at Judaism’s holiest site.” After quoting a letter of complaint from a congregant in full, he asks rhetorically:

“What craziness guides the thinking of supposedly sane men, who blindly follow what they misconstrue to be God’s wishes? How long will the politicians endorse extremism and tolerate hate?”

Similarly, Anat Hoffman is currently touring North America. She has elicited sympathy and outrage when she describes how “one cannot perform a religious act that offends the feelings of others” at the site.

“Israel is allowing a small minority of extremists to dictate how things should be run in Israel,” she concludes.

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