The Charlottesville Virginia chapter of Hadassah

The Charlottesville Virginia chapter of Hadassah had a wonderful turn out for a program in April entitled “The Case of Women of the Wall: In Defense of Pluralism Within the Practice of Judaism in Israel.”  We watched selections from “Praying in Her Own Voice” and were privileged to hear from Vanessa Ochs, who has been one of the directors of the International Committee for Women of the Wall.

One woman, Doris Stamper, wrote the following:

As a Jewish woman, I pray in spirit with the women at the western wall in Jerusalem.  As I pray and sing, I wear my tallit.  It seems right to wear it, as it seems right to have an aliyah if I am so honored to be asked.

I recognize the right of Jews to pray.  I recognize the right of women to pray.  Why should anyone be barred from praying at our holiest place?

Cantor Katy Claussen

Charlottesville Virginia

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