Rosh Hodesh at the Wall Quilt

Berkeley Jewish Quilt Group

We are a group of Jewish women who came together seven years ago to create Jewish fiber art. Our membership has changed over time, but the group process approach to our work continues. In the seven years we have made a square for a collaborative peace quilt in Israel, a chuppah for one member’s daughter’s wedding, and a tallit for the Bat Mitzvah of the daughter of another. We have made quilts to give to local Jewish educational and domestic violence organizations to be used for fundraising. We have made a quilt in loving memory of one of our group that hangs in the synagogue where most of us belong. We facilitated the community as a whole in saying goodbye to a beloved artist who moved away by taking squares crafted at a goodbye party and making them into a quilt. We have made quilts for two young daughters from the clothing of their late mother who died too soon.

The ‘Rosh Hodesh at the Wall’ quilt was made by six of us and speaks to our strong feelings of anguish and solidarity with the Women of the Wall, who are not allowed to pray as we do in the Diaspora. This quilt was crafted as part of an exhibit at the Jewish Community Library of San Francisco on the theme of Rosh Chodesh. By placing the picture of the valiant Women of the Wall in the center of a continuous ribbon of months, we hoped to demonstrate the continuity of the struggle each Rosh Chodesh. Let Kol Isha be seen and heard.

Crafted by: Diane Bernbaum, Carol Dorf, Karen Benioff Friedman, Rivka Greenberg, Shari Rifas, Claire Sherman

“Rosh Hodesh: Beginning and Renewal” runs through July 31 at the BJE’s Jewish Community Library, 1835 Ellis St., San Francisco, CA

To read more about the exhibit, click here.

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  1. I would like to order a tallit. I could not order online because the website wasn’t working. Please contact me.

  2. In the sight of G-d we are all equal – may the Women of the Wall find justice in their every deeds.

    There can be no true freedom unless all members of the State of Israel are treated as equals both women and men.

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