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As my time in Israel is coming to a close – I honestly can’t believe where I’m standing right now, 15 days remaining at the University, but that’s for another post – I had a few things left that I needed to cross of my mental bucket list, which is almost as cool as Kari‘s real bucket list. After watching a documentary in class about Women of the Wall, I was reminded that it was on the supposed list. Study abroad plug: Without a doubt, the coolest part of studying abroad has been being able to learn outside of the classroom. So much of what I’ve seen, hasn’t been from a text book, also because the University of Haifa is a green campus. Nevertheless, we talk about something in class and then we’re able to see it in action.

This morning, at an early 5:45 a.m., the sun peered in through the window and onto my no longer sleeping face in the dorm room of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. A friend and I came in last night from Haifa so that we could attend the Rosh Hodesh service held by The Women of The Wall at The Kotel for Rosh Hodesh Sivan. Through my travels, my life actually, I’ve heard about Women of the Wall here and there, and it’s definitely been an organization that I’ve been aware of.


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