IMAGINE being able to stand in a grouping of women, most wearing tallitot and singing Hallel, while looking at the Kotel….a place where women’s voices are traditionally silenced…. imagine the police people stationed there taking video of us davening….imagine a woman (with head and arms covered and long skirt)approaching us/screaming at us that we are crazy and annoying others’ davening ….while we were saying silent Amida…..thus annoying us of course…. sometimes it was hard to concentrate because there was the loud davening of multiple men’s groups from the other side of the wall… but, again, it felt good to be able to offer prayer in song and voice rather than whispered silence… of course, we stood at the back, far from the actual wall, of course we needed to walk to Robinson’s arch for Torah reading….but a beginning … thank you Women of the Wall for your years of labor, solidarity …you made this spiritual experience a reality for me to experinece…. kol ha kavod and tamsheeku em koack…

Roz Reuiss

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