Leah Sternberg, Awarded WOW Tallit at Camp George

Leah Sternberg, awarded the prestigious honor of a Women of the Wall Tallit by Anat Hoffman this summer while working at Camp George in Parry Sound, Ontario.

“Thank you to Anat and the Women of the Wall organization for the incredible award I received this summer.  The Women of the Wall are a group of women who are driven, passionate and independent and it is an honor to be part of that movement.  The tallit is a beautiful symbol of everything the Women of the Wall stand for.  It inspires me to make sure I to live up to the qualities that the tallit represents in my future endeavors and to continue to strive to reach my goals of work with social justice, community and Judaism.  Thank you, Anat, for a great experience working together, and I hope to continue to keep a positive and meaningful relationship with the Women of the Wall movement in the years to come.” -Leah Sternberg

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