Adas Israel Sisterhood

2 Av 5770

July 12, 2010

Dear Women of the Wall,

On behalf of Adas Israel Sisterhood, I write to express our solidarity and to inform you of recent and ongoing activities we are undertaking to support you.

On June 6, 2010, our annual Closing Event featured a program entitled “Making Our Voices Heard: Adas Israel Sisterhood Stands with the Women of the Wall”. The program was attended by nearly 80 people, and included learning, mobilization, and solidarity elements. In addition to viewing the DVD, we were fortunate to hear from three outstanding speakers, including Women of the Wall International Board Member, Susan Aranoff; Adas Israel Senior Rabbi, Gil Steinlauf; and Adas Israel Sisterhood member and Secretary, Masorti Foundation, Toni Bickart); and participants from ages 10 months through their 80s joined together to experience a solidarity Shaharit service in front a projection of the women’s side of the Kotel. The program was highly acclaimed and many of those who attended, including men, expressed their shock and dismay regarding developments in Israel. The event was subsequently mentioned in the Washington Jewish Week newspaper.

Adas Israel Sisterhood has produced a spectacular DVD (to be forwarded by surface mail). Today we loaded the video to YouTube and have begun disseminating it as widely as possible throughout our community and including to other Women’s League for Conservative Judaism Sisterhood affiliate members, Masorti, and the Rabbinical Assembly of Israel.  We are asking each of these groups to reach out to their formal networks and friends to encourage them to view the video. We also hope that you will note the video and post the link ( on your website and Facebook account.

We look forward to the day when the Kotel will be a place for women together in prayer to experience the Divine. Until that day, please know that Adas Israel Sisterhood stands with you in solidarity and will continue to educate, mobilize and advocate on your behalf. We hope also that you will enjoy the beautiful Yad from our Sisterhood. As my grandmother (z”l) used to say, “Use it in good health!”


Alisa Abrams

President, Adas Israel Sisterhood

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