Women Of the Wall Supporters, Let Our Voices Be Heard

We at Women Of the Wall know how fortunate we are to have devoted supporters from all over the world. Whether you join us in person, wear a Women Of the Wall tallit, prayer in a women’s Rosh Hodesh group in solidarity, or just believe in our mission, we want to thank you for your continued commitment to our cause.
With our new website and blog, we have decided that we would like to share some of our supporters stories and experiences that they have with us during our unique Rosh Hodesh services at the Western Wall. Please feel free to send us a blog post or jot down your thoughts in an email and we will post it here on our blog. This is a space to have a voice and carry out our mission together.
WOW Supporter: Robyn Fisher
My name is Robyn Fisher and I am the Assistant Director of Hillel at the University of Miami and I am also studying privately towards rabbinic s’micha. I have been in Israel for the past month, studying at the Hartman Institute and at Pardes.
Last Friday was my first time participating with the Women Of the Wall. I felt sadness in our inability to pray as we are accustomed to praying. And yet, I felt so spiritually moved by the power of our numbers to voice our protest with the purity of our prayers. In January of this past year, I led a group of my Birthright students in the singing of popular Jewish songs, such as “Hinei Ma Tov”, on the Women’s side of the Wall. Five young girls and their teacher shouted at me with the following utterances: “go home”, “there’s no place for you here”, “Israel is for Jewish people”. They also kept hitting my head in an attempt to remove my kippah. How ironic that after singing about how wonderful it is for all of us to be together, without regard to our differences, that this incident would occur! May the prayers of our hearts and the actions of the WOW bring about a time when we can sing this song and realize its message. Kein y’hi ratzon.
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