Let Our Voices Be Heard Today!

This Message is from Shoshana Dembitz, and David and Malka Imberman Kahn

Let Our Voices be Heard 

Rosh Hodesh Rally & Minyan
at the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco
Thursday, February 23, 11 AM
456 Montgomery Street
at Sacramento Street, 5 blocks up Montgomery from BART

We were privileged to hear Anat Hoffman speak here recently. Anat was arrested two years ago at the Wall in Jerusalem for wearing a tallit and preparing to read from a Torah. One of her suggestions as to what the American Jewish Community can do to change the inequality of public prayer in Israel is to conduct Rosh Hodesh services outside of every Israeli consulate. This is time sensitive because Rosh Hodesh is Thursday February 23. Our proposal is to gather supporters of this cause in front of the Israeli Consulate at 456 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, on Thursday morning at 11:00am. We will show our support for Women of the Wall. We will hold a brief service. We encourage all female participants to wear a tallit in a manner that is prohibited at the Wall in Jerusalem. We have notified the SF police, and we are fine as long as we use no bullhorn, do not block streets or building entrances, etc.

Contact Shoshana, sdembitz@gmail.com for more information

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  1. ALRIGHT !! GO ! GO ! WE WILL KISS SOME ASS !!! I am very happy to see this movement going this far ! I am a Canadian and I SUPPORT YOU ! CANADA IS SUPPORTING YOU ! ALL OF YOU !! I cannot do the same thing at the consulate of Israel in Montreal because I am very busy with my exams . I wish to go and pray in front the consulate and scream : EGALITY FOR WOMEN THAT IS DEMOCRACY ! WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO PRAY ! WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO PUT THE TALLIT ! By the way , I asked my parents to buy a tallit for my birthday ! I will receive it for my 21 th birthday on the February 26 !! I am VERY EXCITED ! So GO FOR IT !!! GO KICK SOME ASS !!

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