Today I davened for the first time having laid tefillin

Today I davened for the first time having laid tefillin, in solidarity with Noa Raz and the rest  of you all. I have davened in a tallit for many years now and have been thinking about laying tefillin, at least once, but Noa’s experience made me decide to do it NOW. I called my Rabbi late last night and at minyan this morning, he loaned me tefillin and helped me put them on. I was also given an aliyah to the Torah.I daven at a Conservative shul, Westchester Jewish Center in Mamaroneck NY. After removing the tefillin, I took a picture of my arm….. with the impression of the tefillin straps. As the Rabbi was wrapping my arm he asked me if the straps were too tight and I told him that at least I live in a place where no one will try to kill me if they see the marks. That made me think, later, to take a picture of my “offensive” arm! It was a very intense experience, davening with the tefillin. I hope that I will be in Israel again soon and can daven with you all in person. In the meantime I stand with you from here.

By sending you these files I grant you permission to publish them, if you wish, but retain the underlying rights to the images.

Sharon Moseson
Mamaroneck, NY

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