They say that Adar is the time to be happy

By Fran Gordon

They say that Adar is the time to be happy, to celebrate and rejoice.
Yet once again the police of the Jewish State taped me as I raised my voice
to proclaim that the Holy One is good and the world filled with grace.
How is it possible that this is the situation in our People’s most Holy Place?
A minyan of women detained today, on this first day of Adar,
the police took a different approach, our morning prayers were not marred.
Yet when it was time to read the Torah it was clear something was quite wrong,
The police took action at the end of our Hallel which was filled with dance and song.
Despite the presence of six Paratroopers who liberated the Wall way back when,
the police still followed the customs of place that bow to the whim of the men
who view women as less than equal in matters of the spirit and soul.
Oh when will the State of Israel realize that for the People to be whole,
changes must be made so that every Jew has the right to pray
at our “liberated” Wall in their particular Jewish way?

2 Adar 5773

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