The Torah has been banished from the Kotel

Rivka Haut
The Torah has been banished from the Kotel. Anat can return in a month.
The Torah seems to have been banished forever.
The ezrat nashim is the only women’s section near har haBayit.
Robinson’s Arch does not have a women’s section, does it? The leaders of
the State of israel have forbidden a Torahs scroll to be in any women’s
space at the Kotel area.
How ironic. In ancient times, the torah was read, by the king, in the
ezrat nashim, at the hakhel ceremony. Now, women are forced to focus on
stones, eitz v’even, as a visual reference, when praying in the ezrat
nashim,as the torah has been banished from there.
Today’s daf yomi teaches a prophetic vision of how the temple will be
rebuilt. Shavuot 15b states that the temple can only be rebuilt in the
daytime, not at night. Of course the talmud refers to time of day, but,
metaphorically we can understand this to mean that the temple cannot be
rebuilt in a time of darkness. Such as we are now in.
We MUST return our holy Torah to the ezrat nashim!

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