Thanks for the Chair! Special Reissue!

thanks for the chair 10 inch cropped

I was riveted by the reports of two fellow Philadelphians, Dr. Shulamit Magnus and Miriam Gafni z”l, who attended the first Women of the Wall minyan in 1988. A complete image popped into my head, women of all ages together reading Torah at the Kotel. In my mind’s eye, the chair hurled at them morphed into an analog of the honorary Chair of Elijah. Transformed into the Chair of Miriam, it lifts up a mature Miriam, who continues holding sway as our spiritual mother. Hence I titled the piece “Thanks for the Chair!”

It proved so popular that I brought out a reproduction and to my amazement, sold several thousand. The original ICWOW partnered with me and many of those sales helped support their fledgling organization which has now evolved into Women of the Wall/Nashot Hakotel. (Click the link to buy the newly reissued Tambourine!)

The struggle continues!

Betsy Teutsch, Philadelphia, PAbetsy indoors margaret headshot


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