Special Events

Women of the Wall gather at the Kotel at the beginning of every Hebrew month for a festive Rosh Chodesh prayer. In addition to the Rosh Chodesh prayers, Women of the Wall come to recite Selichot (repentance prayers) and Piyyutim (liturgical poems) in the style of Sephardic communities on the Ten Days of Repentance, lighting festive candles with a Chanukah menorah on Hanukkah, and reading Megillat Esther on Purim.

On Pesach 2016, the group held a Bircat Cohanot, priestly blessing ceremony. Around the ceremony there were many objections among the ultra-Orthodox public and the Western Wall Rabbi who worked to cancel the ceremony and appealed to the attorney general for this purpose. Despite the prohibition of the Attorney General and despite the efforts to prevent them from performing the ceremony, Women of the Wall had a first Birkat Cohanot ceremony of its kind.

In addition to the events at the Western Wall, Women of the Western Wall choose to make religion accessible to all women, setting up stands that allow women to put on phylacteries and wrap themselves in prayer shawls.
Toward the holidays of Tishrei, there is a workshop to blow the shofar and a poetry workshop.
In Sukkot, a booth is set up that allows women to wave the Lulav.

In addition, the organization encourages women to take an active part in religious life and thus has organized a leading prayer course.

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