Solidarity events R”H Tevet!

Can’t be in Jerusalem with Women of the Wall for Rosh Hodesh Tevet Dec 14, 2012?

Perhaps you should start a Global WOW Rosh Hodesh Group in your area! Email for more information!

If you are in DC this Friday, join other concerned women at Ada’s Israel at 7:30 am. We will celebrate Rosh Chodesh Tevet in solidarity with Women of the Wall.

If you are in San Francisco, Friends of WOW will be singing in front of the Israeli consulate this Thursday at 12 noon

Today, Anat Hoffman, Chair of WOW, wrote to San Francisco leader Abby Caplin:

“Dearest Abby, friend and sister,

It is cold in San Francisco. Your hands, your nose, your feet will freeze while you stand outside 456 Montgomery Street. There are some beautiful synagogues in San Francisco with lovely domed ceilings, dry, soft carpeting and a heating system that works. In fact, every synagogue I can think of in San Francisco is a friendlier environment for prayer than 456 Montgomery Street. However, you will find out what we discovered a long time ago at the Western Wall: That you will be praying in this difficult environment with some of the nicest people in the world. The men and women who will join you in solidarity prayer tomorrow make up a warm community hug, which can be felt all the way in Jerusalem, 7432 miles a way.

חזקו ואמצו! Hizku V’imtzu! Be strengthened and have courage!

We will be sure to wear a flower in our hair in solidarity with you on Friday at the Wall!


What are YOU doing in solidarity with WOW?

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