Shavuot at Jewish Community Bet Shalom of Barcelona

Support group of Women of the Wall created in Bet Shalom Congregation of Barcelona on last April, celebrated on last 7th of June Shavuot festival in an especial way.


We got minyan of 10 women of our congregation, put our kippot and talitot, and read Ten Commandments from Sefer Torah. The activity was leaded by our chazan Daniel Fishman and our visitor rabbi Rifat Sonsino.


It was a very especial moment for me because it was my first time I read from Sefer Torah, the other women of Bet Shalom, Maria and Susanna, read each one in different languages that they could read, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, etc; due we have people from all over the world in Bet Shalom.


The event was finished by Bet Shalom Manifesto reading, in support of Women of the Wall. The manifesto was signed by the rabbis who came to fulfill the most important bet din celebrated in Barcelona, in which, more than 24 individuals converted into Judaism or returned into it. Persons who signed the Manifesto are, R. Rifat Sonsino (Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Beth Shalom, Needham, MA), R. Danny Rich (Chief executive of Liberal Judaism UK), R. Mark Salomon (Manchester Liberal Jewish Community UK and Associate Chair of Beit Din of Liberal Judaism), Dr. Leo Hepner (Vice-president of the European Union of Progressive Judaism), Daniel Fishman (Chazan of Comunitat Jueva Bet Shalom de Barcelona), and Mario Zareceansky (President of Comunitat Jueva Bet Shalom de Barcelona).

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