Shana Tova

Shana Tova U’Metuka! Have a happy and sweet new year!

As Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur approach, we think about the year we have had and what the coming year will bring. This year has been one of challenges for us, as women who wish to pray freely at the Kotel. With the arrests of Nofrat Frenkel and Anat Hoffman, Jewish women and men around the world have begun to stand up and get involved in the struggle for women’s rights at the Kotel. Hundreds of us prayed together each month on Rosh Chodesh at the Kotel and thousands of us continue to write letters and send in photos of women with the Torah. Together, we have begun to raise our voices- in prayer and in protest, in support of religious freedom for women at the Kotel. In the coming year we will continue to pray aloud and fight to have our Tallit and Torah with us. We hope that you will continue and invite all of your friends and communities to join us in Solidarity.

This holiday season, we need your help! Go to our website to get involved:

  • Donate to support our work
  • Organize your community to join our latest campaign! Send in photos and tell Israeli religious and political leaders that you stand with Women of the Wall.
  • Buy a Women of the Wall Tallit
  • Plan a solidarity event in your community

Wishing you and your family a new year of freedom and hope from Jerusalem!

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