WOW Reponds to reports of the outsourcing of the southern Western Wall by to Elad

כ”ז אדר א תשע”ד

February 27, 2014


To: Adv. Avichai Mendelblit, Cabinet Secretary

Re: Reports of the outsourcing of the southern area of the Western Wall by to the Ir David Foundation- Elad

Dear Avichai,

We read with great surprise and regret that while we have been in the midst of negotiation with you and your staff, a parallel negotiation is being carried out between the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter and the Ir David Foundation, Elad over the management of the southern area of the Western Wall.  This, at the same exact time that we were being told that NGOs like Women of the Wall and our partners in these negotiations, cannot be appointed to manage this important site.

This publication presents us in a very uncomfortable light in the eyes of larger public, which motivated to come along with us towards the possibility of a historic compromise. How exactly should we deal with the question, “Did you know about this development and did you support it?”

We have paid a high price- both personal and organizational- for even our willingness to negotiate with the government over moving our prayer out of the women’s section, the area where we struggled for 25 years.

We are committed to respectful and respected women’s prayer at the Western Wall and we do not see a way to pursue this under these conditions.

We would be prepared to return to the negotiation table but only with the strong sense that the question of management will be regulated to the most minute detail so that in the future we will not be subject to the whim of various interested parties.

We require clarification and commitment on your part, that this initiative to hand over the management of the site to Ir David Foundation, Elad, is removed from the agenda.


With blessing for a blessed and good month,

Anats Sig



Anat Hoffman

Chair of Women of the Wall


Cc: Board of Directors, Women of the Wall




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