Rainbow Kippa / Simone Schicker

by Simone Schicker WOW Intern and HUC-JIR Rabbinic Student


Love your neighbor as yourself, You said[1]

As You told us the laws by which we should live



Young boys are taught

That they have the right


That they are commanded

By You

To taunt me on the street

When I wear my faith for you

On my head

A covering

With no sacred meaning

Except the one that Your people gave to it


My star around my neck gets no response

And my male friends

Who wear a covering but no tzitzit

Are not chastised for being reformi

But if I was to dare

In this city

To wear my love for you daily

On my head

Or on my body

I would be pushed and shoved

Not only at the Kotel[2]

But on the street


For how dare I

A woman

Show my dedication to You

My Rock and my Redeemer[3]



[1] Lev. 19:18

[2] Women of the Wall at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

[3] Psalm 19:15

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