Now is the time

Now is the Time

for Anat

In nineteen eighty-four,
the now past forever-future,
countless rabbis crooned,
“Now is not the time”
to voice our Jewish foremothers
even in silent prayer, standing
before God,
King without gender.

At the Kotel,
“Now is not the time,” rings
harsh off every stone,
wailing as if Judaism will
shatter, like crystal,
should women dare to simply


destroy what
centuries of tyrants,
failed to do.

“Now is not the time
to air dirty laundry,”
gripe government officials.

Yes, it is time.
The smell is overwhelming.

We say,

Buy soap.
Scrub hard.
Clean it up, your
mess, so we can all

We sing,

Sh’ma, Yisrael.
Hear us well.

Now is the time.
Now is the right time.

Copyright Abby Caplin 2012

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