North Shore Congregation Israel

14 December 2009

Glencoe, IL

Adult Bat Mitzvah class of North Shore Congregation Israel, Glencoe, IL:

The Adult Bat Mitzvah class of North Shore Congregation Israel (Glencoe, IL), with their teachers Rabbis Lisa Greene and Wendi Geffen, dedicated their class to learning about Women at the Wall, its history, purpose and current realities. We discussed changing women’s roles in Judaism and the evolving face of Progressive Judaism in Israel. We learned, voiced our convictions and concluded with prayer for the upcoming month of Tevet, voicing the words of Marcia Falk.

Our message: As our class prepares to read Torah as bnot mitzvah you inspire and challenge us on our journey!


front (l-r): Rabbi Lisa Greene, Angie Weinberg, Fran Morof, Robyn Gould

back (l-r): Michelle Scheinkopf, Inge Rothschild, Debbi Marks, Gwen Rich, Zena Kaufman, Fern Kravets, Linda Merwise, Lore Kirchheimer, Judy Weiss (teacher).

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