Statement on Nonviolence and Pluralism

logo 25_v2‘Women of the Wall’ is a pluralist women’s prayer group. We invite every woman to join our prayer and ask questions at the Kotel on August 7, 2013, 7AM.

For 25 years Women of the Wall have gathered regularly at the Kotel to pray together. Our prayer is legal, peaceful and impedes upon no one’s rights. We believe that the women’s section can be shared by ALL Jewish women.

We receive proposals for many different cooperative efforts and projects every day. We cannot accept every request.

Regarding initiatives intended to create debate or discourse between Women of the Wall and those who oppose our prayer at the Kotel, our policy is clear: Women of the Wall refrains from participation in events that pit women against women and promote groups that incite hate and violence against women.

Rabbis, politicians and individuals that aim to stop women’s prayer and to defame Women of the Wall have seen their work lead to threats, protests and violence at the Kotel. Women of the Wall simply cannot lend a hand in this, as we are a group that believes in peaceful prayer, nonviolence and pluralism. We believe that women must have equal rights to worship at the Western Wall, a public, government funded and run holy site.

There is more than enough room for us all at the Kotel. Women of the Wall welcome all women to pray there. We plea with those who protest and block our prayer: let each woman pray as she believes, freely, with no exception.

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