Let My Torah Go!

In honor of Jerusalem Day, today, and the month of Sivan, when we celebrate the receipt of the Torah at Mount Sinai…  

Join Women of the Wall’s campaign:  Let My Torah Go!     


At the Kotel, men have access to 100 Torah scrolls. Don’t get us wrong, we are happy men have can read Torah but we want women to have equal rights. The Western Wall is a public, holy site which belongs to all Jews.

Women are refused the right to bring a Torah into the women’s section of the Western Wall by Kotel Administrator, Rabbi Rabinowitz.

Send a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling him that you support women’s rights to read Torah at the Kotel NOW! 

Women are half the kingdom.

Women are half the Jewish world. 

It is time women have access to Torah at the Kotel.


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