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Women of the Wall 25th Anniversary Celebration Trip

 International Mission to Support Pluralism in Israel

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November 3-November 6, 2013   |   30 Cheshvan-3 Kislev 5773

                                           with options to stay for Shabbat on either side of the celebration

Join women from all over the world to celebrate the accomplishments of Women of the Wall, commemorating 25 years of struggle and courage at the Western Wall, the symbol of Jewish independence in the land of Israel.

We already have delegations from around the country.  Join now!

Highlights of the trip include:

  • Seminars with leading scholars on a wide-range of issues
  • High-level  meetings with influential members of Knesset
  • Several touring options in and around Jerusalem
  • A Gala Celebration Dinner

Pricing for land packages, per person:

Core mission: November 3-6 from $1,200

Pre-Shabbat add-on: October 31-November 3 from $825 (led by Rabbi Judy Schindler, Rabbi Debra Robbins and Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz)

Post-Shabbat add-on: November 6-9 from $880 (led by Rabbi Karyn Kedar and Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser)


If you are interested in leading your own delegation please contact Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser:

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