In solidarity with Noa Roz

In the early ’90’s my then boyfriend showed me how to lay tefillin.  I found them uncomfortable and haven’t put them on again…until today.  Today, now my husband, he showed me again how to lay tefillin.

Today I did so in solidarity with the Women of the Wall, and truly had a wonderful experience davening on a beautiful spring morning in Michigan.  It’s funny how different phrases or parts of the service will “jump out” at me during different moments in my life.  Today, a paragraph from birchot hashachar spoke to me about Noa’s experience yesterday:

Quoting the English from Sim Shalom L’chol, p. 7:
May it be Your will, Adonai, my God and God of my ancestors, to protect me, this day and every day, from the insolence in others and from arrogance in myself.  Save me from vicious people, from evil neighbors, and from corrupt companions.  Preserve me from misfortune, and from powers of destruction.  Save me from harsh judgments:  spare me from ruthless opponents, be they members of the covenant or not.

Chodesh tov,
Lisa Bernstein

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