From Califorina, we thank you

Congregation Ner Shalom of Cotati, California thanks you, Women of the Wall, for your courage and leadership in the struggle for the right for women to pray freely at the Western Wall.

We are a spirited and diverse community of people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Together we explore Jewish-centered paths of ritual, learning, song, community-building and mindfulness. Inclusion is very important to us and our small but vibrant community includes interfaith families, LGBTQ people, children with special needs, and people of all genders, ages, abilities and gifts.

We believe strongly that every person deserves the right to pray as she or he is called to do, without fear of judgment from others. We stand strongly behind you as you work to make the Kotel a holy site where women – and all people who have felt excluded – can pray freely.

This year, during our High Holy Day services, we will honor your work by speaking of it from the bimah and by wearing our tallitot draped in the manner in which you are required to wear them at the Wall. Please know that you have our unwavering support and admiration.

We are including a photograph of our congregation, with our beloved Sefer Torah, a Holocaust scroll once lovingly held by the Jewish community of Sobeslav. In the photo, the Sefer Torah is held by the eldest member of our community, Shira Hadditt.

May your holy work be blessed,

Shari Brenner


Congregation Ner Shalom

Cotati, CA

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