For the Women of the Wall

By Rabbi Tina Grimberg, Rabbi of Darchei Noam Toronto

25 years of love is 25 years of struggle,

Hard, you tried to make your way to Your Wall,

Hard you tried to reach for its rough surface,

So worn from tears and lips,

Hard, was on your neck as you looked up at doves nestling in the Wall crevice,

25 years, you were called deranged, rude, an imposter;

You, who could nurture an egg in your womb,

Was pelted with eggs,

25 years you did not bend,

25 years of prayer,

In gratitude and celebration,

We turn to You, our Holy One, on this Rosh Hodesh Elul, the month of forgiveness, thought and prayer,

Your daughters stand tall, embraced in the folds of your Shehinah;

25 years of love is 25 years of struggle….

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