Congregation Albert & Congregation B’nai Israel Sisterhood

17 December 2009

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Joint program of Congregation Albert Sisterhood (Reform) and Congregation B’nai Israel Sisterhood (Conservative), 100 women attended

The presidents of the Sisterhoods spoke of the day of support for the WOW (fortuitously the day of our annual shared meeting) – there was a motion of support and the following request: Tonight, in our homes, please kindle the 7th candle for the light of religious freedom in our nation and for tolerance of divergent views and observances within our own faith in the land of Israel

The program featured Shawn Price, a Jew By Choice and member of the Navajo Tribe, and his dancers.

Shawn played Hatikvah on his ceremonial flute, reflecting “hope” for the variety of Jewish religious observances. The women dancers represented women fight warriors, whereby they honor the spirit of women who fight as necessary. Eagle feathers represent that it is women who hold together our spiritual structure with strength through adversity. He stated “we honor those who battle on behalf of us” as we honor the Women of the Wall.

Judith Shor Ning
Congregation Albert Sisterhood
Albuquerque, NM 87110

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