Beth Jacob Congregation

17 December 2009

Medota Heights, MN

We have a regular daily minyan at our shul. This morning we dedicated our Tefillah to the Women of the Wall and to their ongoing struggle to create accessible prayer space for all Jews. Our Minyan this morning, as on most mornings, was composed of men and women, most wearing Tallit and Tefillin, who came to daven and raise our voices in praise of God on this Rosh Hodesh and during Hanukah as a means of celebrating our lives as Jews and with the hope that from our corner of the world, our voices
will resound in support of the Women of the Wall.

After the minyan, allled by women of our shul including the Torah readers, two women spoke at a breakfast of their experiences of having davened with the Women of the Wall. In addition, it is worth noting that one woman did Hagbah this morning, a first for her and another layed tefillin for the first timebeing inspired by the efforts of WOW.

Hodesh Tov and Hag Urim Sameach,

Rabbi Lynn C. Liberman
Director of Congregational Learning
Beth Jacob Congregation

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