Attacks on WOW- Vandalism and Hate Speech


Vandalism, graffiti, found this morning at the home of WOW Board member Peggy Cidor, for the second time this year. Women of the Wall condemns this act of violence, vandalism and threat. The threats, hate speech found by police on Cidor’s walls this morning read: Peggy Watch Out and Women of the Wall are Villains.

The organization and leaders have recently been the victims of an onslaught of false accusations and attacks by right-wing, Orthodox journalists and other bloggers. The connection is clear- hate speech, incitement and false claims attacking WOW and their board members in the media directly cause a real, physical threat and danger to the lives of the women.

We hold those who have been disseminating lies about Women of the Wall and our leaders responsible for this rise in tensions.    

IMG_7753Photos by Noam Revkin Fenton

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