Action Items: How You Can Help Women of the Wall

With the winds of change at our backs, we need your help now!IMG_7847

It is the support of the world Jewish community that has pushed Women of the Wall to the top of the agenda in Israel, but we must not rest until girls can become bnot mitzvah at the Kotel with tefillin, tallit and Torah and women can stand proudly as sisters, praying, singing and worshipping free from persecution at the Western Wall.

Here is what you can do to keep the pressure on and keep Women of the Wall going:

1. Organize your friends, family, congregations and local Jewish or family foundations to DONATE:

Support a month of activity-

  • Provide Legal Counsel for WOW: $1000
  • Keep WOW office door open: $2000
  • Support Political Advocacy to change the law in the Knesset: $3000

Support a year of activity-

  • Coordination of campaigns, speakers, solidarity groups and leadership development: $20,000

2. Sign and Send petitions like this one and use your own connections to keep the pressure of Natan Sharansky and PM Netanyahu to find a solution to the oppression of women at the Kotel.

3. Organize a Rosh Hodesh group or solidarity event in your community.

4. Write about your connection to our work for your local papers and online publications.

5. Contact us for more specific ideas and ways to help:

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