Voices: A 20 year old soldier

I am a 20 year old female soldier serving in the IDF for a year now. After making Aliya with my family in August 2006, I could not wait to be a part of the army – organization – that protects my beloved country of Israel, day in and day out.
My mother, sister and Savta were at the Kotel last night along with Hadassah however due to my army duties I was not able to join. While hearing my Ima and sister tell me the stories from last night, I started to cry and cry. While this is an issue I have spoken about and thought about many times before, it simply never gets easier.
Now that I am part of the armed forces protecting this country that I call home, I feel that my love for israel, my zionism, is being taken for granted. THIS is not the country I wish to fight for- a country that arrests women for expressing feminism and zionism in the holiest place for the Jewish people.
I know that there is more to this wonderful country than that and yet I find myself finding more and more things that I would like to change than things I would like to keep.
I thank everyone from WOW for reminding me day after day that I am NOT crazy to belive in religious freedom – for reminding me what it means to be a fighter, a believer and a TRUE Zionist.

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