Board and Staff


Batya Kallus

Vice Chair of the Board

Batya Kallus has been involved with WOW since she moved to Israel in 1991. She is the Israel Advisor to the Fohs Foundation, a private American foundation that funds organizations which advance shared society and equality between Arab and Jewish citizens in Israel, and Program... Read More

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Rachel Cohen Yeshurun

Board Member

Rachel Cohen Yeshurun was schooled at Bais Yaakov of Montreal and was active with Beth Ora Synagogue youth. Rachel made aliyah in 1989 but took 22 years to discover Women Of the Wall! She received a Bsc. in Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is currently... Read More


Bonnie Riva Ras

Board Member

Bonnie Riva Ras made aliayh in 2010 and lives in Jerusalem. She has been involved in Jewish communal service as a professional and lay leader for most of her life. She worked in communications/PR and as a writer and editor for a Jewish nonprofit. In the US,... Read More


Avigail Antman

Board Member

Avigail Antman is a poet, literature teacher, and educator at the Masorti High School in Jerusalem. A member of Kolech, Religious Women’s Forum, she publishes a weekly poem about the weekly parsha. She has been a member of Shira Hadasha since its 2002 inception and grew... Read More


Anat Hoffman

Chair of the Board

Anat Hoffman is the executive director of the Israel Religious Action Center, the legal and advocacy arm of the Reform Movement in Israel. Previously, she held a seat on the Jerusalem City Council, where for fourteen years she stood in opposition to the policies of the city’s... Read More


Linda Avitan

Linda Avitan lives in Rehovot, has a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University in NJ, and an MSW from Columbia University, NY. She was raised in the Conservative movement and has been active in the Masorti movement since making aliyah to Israel in 1982. Today, she is a board... Read More


Dana Sharon

Dana holds a degree in Literature from the Hebrew University, and is currently completing her Masters in Contemporary Jewry, aspiring to become a Rabbi within the Reform Movement. She is a prominent feminist and religious activist in Jerusalem, as well as the Chairperson... Read More


Rabbi Susan Silverman

Rabbi Susan Silverman is an author, teacher and activist. She is the founder of JustAdopt, promoting adoption in Jewish communities in order to radically increase the numbers of orphans in permanent, loving families — with the added bonus... Read More


Dina Greenberg

Dina Greenberg is director of projects for incorporating information systems at EPRP-Priority. She was born is Israel and raised in Mosahve Nave Yerek. Dina joined WOW in 2013 looking for a worthy and just community for True Judaism.​

זאת התורה - עכשיו תורי! עכשיו תורך! עכשיו תורינו!

Tammy Gottlieb

Tammy Gottlieb is 30 and lives in Jerusalem, originally from Rehovot. She was raised and educated in a Conservative home, long time member and current board member in Asath Shalom Emanual in Rehovot. Gottleib works in Masorti Movement.

Sylvie Rozenbaum

Sylvie Rozenbaum

Sylvie has been praying with Women of the Wall since 2012. She was born in Paris and made aliyah in 1992. She grew up in the MJLF Reform Community in Paris and has a degree in Hebrew Literature and Language from the University of Eastern Languages in Paris. She know lives... Read More

Lesley Sachs

Lesley Sachs


Lesley Sachs was one of the founding members of “Isha L’isha – Haifa’s Feminist Center” and worked for 10 years in the Israel Women’s Network. Lesley served as Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) and then as Vice President... Read More


Shira Pruce

Director of Public Relations

Shira Pruce has worked to advance social change in Israel at MASLAN- the Negev’s Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Support Center, the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance, MEET and the World Union for Progressive Judaism. She received her BA in Women and Gender... Read More

Zahava Gross

Zahava Gross

Office Manager

Zahava Gross lives in Jerusalem, was born in Israel, then lived in France for 16 years, moved back to Israel pushed by the urge of founding a Jewish Liberal house in Eretz Israel. Married with 2 children. Belongs to the Conservative Movement in Israel, to... Read More