Solidarity Activities

WRITE: Have you been with WOW on Rosh Hodesh at the Kotel? Write about your experience and share it withsolidarity our supporters throughout the world

SPEAK on behalf of Women of the Wall. If you have been with Women of the Wall at the Kotel in the past and enjoy speaking to groups, contact us

ORGANIZE a solidarity event for WOW in your community. WOW solidarity events and groups have been established in London, UK, Capetown, South Africa, New York, Bay Area, CA., Chicago, South Florida, Cleveland, OH, USA, just to name a few.

Gather on or around Rosh Hodesh for an event in support or solidarity with Women of the Wall: prayer services, Torah study and interpretation (Divrei Torah), lobby local embassies and consulates on WOW’s behalf, or a women’s brunch and learning…

WOW can provide materials and support for groups that organize solidarity events. Groups can submit articles and pictures to be posted on the Women of the Wall Facebook page and blog. Contact us for more details.

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