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    Dear Prime Minister Bennett,

    We are writing to urge you to implement the Kotel Agreement for all Jewish people to be able to pray according to their traditions at the Western Wall. In your last interview with The Jerusalem Post, you stated that your government “will only act with consensus.” You said there is opposition within your party, Yamina, and New Hope. From our research, there is no objection from New Hope. Your government has already reached a consensus on this matter, and it is time to act on that.

    The Kotel Agreement has already been negotiated and agreed upon by leaders from all streams of Judaism. You yourself voted in favor of the compromise in 2016. Failure to implement the outline is nothing more than capitulation to a small minority which recognizes only one stream of Judaism, ultra-Orthodoxy. This minority is the obstacle to peace at the Kotel, and the Kotel Agreement is the only reasonable solution. Members of both sides of this issue worked hard to reach a compromise, and it must be realized.

    The State of Israel has a moral responsibility to ensure that all Jews are welcome here, and this obligation includes ensuring that Judaism’s holiest sites are open to all Jews. For Jews in the Diaspora who face rising levels of antisemitism worldwide, it is of the utmost importance that the State of Israel recognizes and respects their Jewish identities and practices. You and your coalition promised the Kotel Agreement’s implementation, already long overdue. It is time that you as Prime Minister follow through and show that Jews of all denominations can unify around our holiest site.

    We demand an explanation of your position on this matter and how you plan on resolving the issue.


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