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Israel’s High Court Sends Clear Message to Government: Reconsider 'Frozen' Western Wall Deal Haaretz - 8/31

I Was Forced To Lift My Skirt To Pray At The Kotel Forward - 8/25

Netanyahu: Body Searches Of Women At Western Wall ‘Unacceptable’ Forward 8/25

Justice in your gates: Time to end intimidation of women at the Western Wall The Times of Israel - 8/24

A Real Hoot, a bloog by Lesley Sachs Times of Israel - 8/10

With disunity in air, groups hold dueling prayers for Western Wall’s future Times of Israel -7/24
Israel Insists To Court It Will Expand Western Wall Egalitarian Prayer Space Forward - 7/17

Israel Drafts New Plan for Western Wall, but Denies non-Orthodox Groups Jurisdiction Haaretz - 7/17

We can still dream/Anat Hoffman Jewish Journal - 7/13

Opinion: AIPAC Is Feeling the Heat to Address Israel's 'Ayatollah' Judaism Haaretz - 7/13

Women plan mission to Israel in support of Women of the Wall Jewish News 7/12

Israel to American Jews: You Just Don’t Matter NY Times - 7/12

Opinion: The ultra-Orthodox Takeover of the Western Wall as a Metaphor Haaretz - 7/8

Diaspora Jews In A Bind On Next Moves The NY Jewish Week -7/6

Opinion: In Israel's Religious Wars, Women Are Fair Game Haaretz - 7/5

When the dream of Israel clashes with reality The Jewish Journal - 7/5

Florida swampland, the Kotel egalitarian plaza and other real estate scams/Lesley Sachs  Times of Israel - 7/4

Hundreds in Jerusalem protest freeze on Western Wall deal, conversion bill JTA - 7/2

Jewish Women vs. the Jewish State  NY Times- 7/1


High Court to hold hearing on Western Wall agreement in July Times of Israel - 6/28

U.S. Jews Angry as Netanyahu Scraps Western Wall Mixed-Prayer Plan NBC News - 8/28

Israel's High Court Sets Critical Hearing on non-Orthodox Prayer at Western Wall for July 30  Haaretz - 6/28

Netanyahu defends suspending the Western Wall agreement The Times of Israel - 6/27

The strength and song of the Women of the Wall The Times of Israel 6/27

U.S. Jewish Leaders to Attend Emergency Knesset Session Amid Western Wall Crisis Haaretz - 6/27

Israel’s prime minister is keeping gender segregation at Judaism’s holiest site VOX - 6/26

prayer at the Western Wall. Here’s what would have changed Timea of Israel - 6/26

Israel abandons deal on prayer at Western Wall, angering liberal Jews Los Angeles Times - 6/25

Opinion/Anat Hoffman The ultra-Orthodox Ignoramuses Taking Israel Back to the Middle Ages Haaretz - 6/25


Israel's High Court Warns Government: Enough Foot-dragging on Western Wall Deal Haaretz - 4/9

Israel Top Court Sets June 4 Deadline On Western Wall Prayer Deal Forward - April 9

An interview with Lesley Sachs, WOW's executive director  Post and Courier - April 8

Petitioning for peaceful prayer at the Kotel Jerusalem Post - March 24

Violent Protestors — Not Women Of The Wall — Are Undermining Judaism Forward - March 23

Likud MK joins legislative fight against Women of the Wall Jerusalem Post - March 21

Women of the Wall petition Supreme Court over Western Wall Israel National News - March 15

Women Of The Wall Demand Protection In Supreme Court Petition Forward - March 15

Women of the Wall read Megillah at Western Wall Israel National News - March 13

Women of the Wall face harassment again at the Western Wall  Jerusalem Post - February 27

Hundreds of Orthodox protesters try to block Women of the Wall service Times of Israel - February 27

WATCH: Right-Wing Orthodox Group Accuses Women Of The Wall Of ‘Debasement’ Forward - February 21

One Year On, Women of the Wall Demand What the Israeli Government Promised Haaretz - January 31

Women of the Wall denied entry to Western Wall Times of Israel - January 19

Female Worshipers Searched at Western Wall Despite Supreme Court Ban Haaretz - January 19

High court hints women should be allowed to read Torah at Western Wall Jerusalem Post - January 19

Supreme Court rules in favor of Women of the Wall Israel National News - January 12

Women win landmark case on prayer at Western Wall  World Religion News - January 12

In landmark decision, High Court rules for women’s Western Wall prayer Times of Israel - January 11

Women of the Wall Fight Sexism With a Smuggled Menorah Forward - January 2

Women of the Wall demand Kotel reform be implemented Israel National News - September 12

Israeli Supreme Court justices chastise lack of progress on pluralistic Western Wall JTA - September 12

Women of the Wall convenes shofar ceremony at Western Wall Israel National News - September 4

Women of the Wall demands police protection from assault Jerusalem Post - September 1

WATCH: Hecklers attempt to disrupt Women of the Wall prayer service Jerusalem Post - August 5

Sharansky: Western Wall Plan at Risk of 'Falling Apart' if ... Haaretz- 4 Apr 2016

Haredi MK: We Will Agree to Egalitarian Prayer Space at Western Wall if There Is No Joint Entrance Haaretz - ‎5 April 2016

Haredi MK Gafni hints at possible solution to Western Wall pluralist prayer area crisis Jerusalem Post Israel News - - ‎5 April 2016‎

Women of Wall to continue reading Torah at Western Wall despite deal, group says Jerusalem Post Israel News - ‎Mar 12, 2016‎

Western Wall rabbi: Women desecrating site by bringing in Torah The Times of Israel - ‎Mar 11, 2016‎

Government gets 3-month extension for new Western Wall plaza plan The Times of Israel - ‎Apr 4, 2016‎

Archaeological Council: Egalitarian Prayer Space at Western Wall Will Damage Priceless Ruins Haaretz - ‎Apr 4, 2016‎

Knesset ethics panel reprimands haredi lawmaker who slammed Women of the Wall

Jewish Telegraphic Agency - ‎Mar 29, 2016‎

Knesset Ethics Committee reprimands haredi MK for biblical insult to Women of the Wall

Jerusalem Post Israel News - ‎Mar 29, 2016‎

Knesset scolds MK for disparaging feminist prayer group The Times of Israel - ‎Mar 29, 2016‎

Women of the Wall to Hold First-ever Female Priestly Benediction at ... Haaretz-20 Mar 2016

Women of the Wall priestly blessing ceremony faces internal criticism Jerusalem Post Israel News- 21 Mar 2016

Spock blesses Women of the Wall from beyond the grave The Jewish Standard- 24 Mar 2016

How Spock is Helping Women of the Wall Live Long and Prosper Forward- 25 Mar 2016

Bibi Blinks: Netanyahu Backs Away From Western Wall Prayer Deal Forward - ‎Mar 27, 2016‎

PM warns of 'difficulties' in mixed-gender Western Wall scheme The Times of Israel - ‎Mar 27, 2016‎

Netanyahu Says There Are 'Difficulties' With Egalitarian Prayer Area at Western Wall Forward - ‎Mar 27, 2016‎

Netanyahu Moves to Water Down Western Wall Deal to Appease ultra-Orthodox Haaretz - ‎Mar 27, 2016‎

Western Wall Rabbi Drops Support for Mixed Prayer Space Haaretz- 14 Mar 2016

Western Wall rabbi reportedly withdraws support for egalitarian ... Jewish Telegraphic Agency- 14 Mar 2016

Ten Ways Israeli and Jewish Women Cracked the Glass Ceiling This ... Haaretz- 8 Mar 2016

Women of the Wall service swells following deal The Times of Israel- 11 Feb 2016

Women of the Wall service draws 100 The Times of Israel (blog)- 10 Feb 2016

Women of the Wall service grows to 100 worshippers following ... Jewish Telegraphic Agency- 10 Feb 2016

India's answer to Women of the Wall? Muslim women demand use ... Jerusalem Post Israel News- 9 Feb 2016

Throw Women of the Wall 'to the dogs' -- Haredi MK The Times of Israel (blog)- 2 Feb 2016

Israeli Government Approves New Egalitarian Prayer Space at ... Haaretz - 31 Jan 2016

Israeli government approves mixed-gender prayer area at Western ... i24news- 31 Jan 2016

Cabinet approves 'historic' decision to create Western Wall ... Jerusalem Post Israel News- 31 Jan 2016

Israel to create a new egalitarian prayer plaza at Western Wall Washington Post- 31 Jan 2016

Women Are Denied the Right to Read From a Torah Scroll at the ... -Huffington Post- 8 Dec 2015

Women of the Wall Launches Campaign to Gain Access to ... Haaretz- 9 Nov 2015

Why Women of the Wall Must Continue — Terror Attacks or No Forward- 27 Nov 2015

Women of the Wall won’t smuggle in Torah, citing security concerns The Times of Israel-Oct 12, 2015

Amid Violence, Women of the Wall Vote Not to Engage Police This … Haaretz- Oct 12, 2015

Women of the Wall Won’t Challenge Kotel Torah Rules Due to Unrest Forward-Oct 12, 2015

Women of the Wall won’t try to smuggle in Torah, citing security … Jewish Telegraphic Agency-Oct 12, 2015

Local Real Estate Professional Has Woodworking Hobby With a  The Examiner News-Sep 23, 2015

Looking back at 5775 The Jewish Voice-Sep 17, 2015

‘Women of the Wall’ Edison Sentinel-Sep 15, 2015

From across Jewish world, looking back at a tumultuous 5775 The Times of Israel-Sep 13, 2015

Year in review: Looking back at 5775 Jewish Journal-Sep 10, 2015

My Word: Touched by the stones Jerusalem Post Israel News-Sep 10, 2015

5775: The year in review Canadian Jewish News (blog)-Sep 10, 2015

Don’t Treat Religious Women As Second-Class Feminists Altmuslimah-Sep 9, 2015

Westchester Real Estate Legend’s Woodworking Showcased in  PR Web (press release)-Sep 8, 2015

For the sin which we have committed before You by baseless hatred  Jerusalem Post Israel News (blog)-Sep 7, 2015

Sounding the Shofar for tolerance Jerusalem Post Israel News (blog)-Aug 19, 2015

Feminist Group Holds Overnight Sit-in to Guarantee Torah Reading  Haaretz-Aug 16, 2015

After Pulling All-Nighter, Women of the Wall Pray with Torah Scroll Forward-Aug 16, 2015

After all-night wait, Women of the Wall pray with Torah scroll Jewish Telegraphic Agency-Aug 16, 2015

An open letter to Rabbi Rabinowitz, administrator of the Western Wall Jerusalem Post Israel News-Jul 22, 2015

Ultra-Orthodox MK: Women of the Wall same as church arsonists The Times of Israel- June 18, 2015

Women of the Wall founder Bonna Devora Haberman dies Haaretz- June 16, 2015

New religious services minister slams Women of the Wall Israel Hayom- June 17,2015

Meeting the men of the Women of the Wall Jerusalem Post Israel News-June 15, 2015

‘Women of the Wall Smuggled Torah to Kotel in Blankets’ Arutz Sheva- June 8, 2015

Op-Ed: My message to the man who attacked me at the Kotel – JTA, May 10th, 2015

Religious pluralism under attack – Jerusalem Post Israel (blog) – May 10th, 2015

Sobel + 2: The Torah is in Our Hands – Jerusalem Post Israel News (blog) – April 22, 2015

Why this week’s Women of the Wall drama is a big deal – and why it isn’t – JTA, April 21, 2015

Man Beaten for Passing Torah to Women of the Wall says he was Denied Treatment – Jerusalem Post, April 21, 2015

Defying Ban, Women of the Wall read from full-sized Torah scroll at Kotel – Jerusalem Post, April 20, 2015

Women of the Wall, Supporters Defy Rabbi’s Regulations with Torah Reading at Western Wall – Huffington Post, April 20, 2015

Women defy Western Wall ban and read from full-size Torah – Haaretz, April 20, 2015

Women of the Wall read from full-sized Torah at the Western Wall – Ynetnews, April 20 2015

In first, Women of the Wall pray with full-sized Torah Scroll – The Times of Israel, April 20, 2015

Women of the Wall defy Torah Scroll ban – The Jewish Chronicle, April 20, 2015

In first, Women of the Wall read from full-size Torah scroll at Kotel – JTA, April 20, 2015

Women of the Wall use Full-Size Torah at Kotel for the First Time – Jewish Exponent, April 20, 2015

Women with Torah Scroll Demand Equal Religious Rights as Orthodox Men Respond with Violence – International Business Times, April 20, 2015

Women Read from Torah Scroll at Western Wall – Forward, April 20, 2015

In first, Women of the Wall read from full-size Torah scroll at Kotel – Jewish News, April 20, 2015

Male supporters of Women of the Wall help smuggle Torah scroll into the Kotel – Shalom Life, April 20, 2015

Women’s voices can positively impact Israeli society Jerusalem Post Israel News (blog)-Feb 15, 2015

What’s a transgender woman to do at the Western Wall? Haaretz (blog)-Jan 7, 2015

Sarah Silverman Brings Her Unorthodox Humor to Jerusalem Variety – ‎Dec 19, 2014 ‎
Women of the Wall request to light hanukkia at Western Wall is rejected Jerusalem Post – ‎Dec 14, 2014 ‎
Women of the Wall snuffed out in request for Hanukkah candle-lighting Jewish Telegraphic Agency – ‎Dec 14, 2014 ‎
This Day in Jewish History / Women of the Wall movement is born Haaretz-Nov 30, 2014
Women of the Wall denied request for Chanukah candle-lighting Connecticut Jewish Ledger-Dec 17, 2014
Eight major victories for non-Orthodox Judaism in 2014 Haaretz-Dec 15, 2014
Despite warning, rabbi lets Women of the Wall read from Torah for second month Haaretz – Nov 23, 2014
Wall women grateful for mini-Torah from the UK Jewish Chronicle- Nov 20 2014
With Guile and Tiny Torah, Women Hold a Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall New York Times – ‎Oct 24, 2014
Women of the Wall smuggle tiny Torah scroll to Western Wall for Bat Mitzva Jerusalem Post – ‎Oct 23, 2014
Ultra-Orthodox Jews Attack Jerusalem Buses Over Women Of The Wall Ad Huffington Post – ‎Oct 23, 2014
Women of the Wall smuggle Torah scroll into Kotel plaza Jewish Telegraphic Agency – ‎Oct 24, 2014 ‎
Women of the Wall smuggle tiny Torah to Western Wall Jerusalem Post – ‎Oct 23, 2014
Jewish Women Forced to Use Tiny Torah and Magnifying Glass to Celebrate Bat … Slate Magazine (blog) – ‎Oct 24, 2014
For the First Time Ever, Women of the Wall Hold Torah Reading at the Kotel Shalom Life – ‎Oct 24, 2014
Jewish Women’s Group Defies Rules to Pray at Wailing Wall – ‎Oct 24, 2014
Prayer Rights Group ‘Women Of The Wall’ Smuggle Torah Scroll Into The … Getty Images – ‎Oct 24, 2014
Women smuggle tiny Bible scroll into Western Wall compound in defiance of … i24news – ‎Oct 26, 2014
Buses featuring Women of the Wall poster vandalized in ultra-Orthodox … Haaretz – ‎Oct 21, 2014
Haredi extremists vandalize Egged buses featuring Women of the Wall posters … Jerusalem Post – ‎Oct 21, 2014
Ultra-Orthodox Jews attack Jerusalem buses over ad Yahoo News – ‎Oct 21, 2014 ‎
Ultra Orthodox Jews Vandalize Women of the Wall Ads in Jerusalem Shalom Life – ‎Oct 21, 2014 ‎
Haredim Attack Jerusalem Buses Over Women Of The Wall Ads JP Updates – ‎Oct 21, 2014 ‎
Jerusalem bus ads featuring girls in prayer shawls vandalized The Times of Israel – ‎Oct 21, 2014
Rabinowitz decries Women of the Wall bus ads Jerusalem Post – ‎Oct 14, 2014 ‎
Women of the Wall launch Bat Mitzva ad campaign on Jerusalem buses Jerusalem Post – ‎Oct 13, 2014
Women of the Wall take to the buses The Times of Israel – ‎Oct 13, 2014
Women of the Wall bus ad campaign encourages bat mitzvahs at the Kotel Haaretz – ‎Oct 13, 2014
Women of the Wall bus ads promoting bat mitzvahs at Kotel Jewish Telegraphic Agency – ‎Oct 13, 2014
Women of Wall Push for Bat Mitzvahs at Western Wall Jewish Daily Forward – ‎Oct 13, 2014
The struggle continues Jerusalem Post – ‎Oct 13, 2014 ‎
Women of the Wall ads vandalized TLV1 Radio-Oct 22, 2014
Girls of the Wall Jerusalem Post-Oct 19, 2014
New Women of the Wall campaign timed for ‘Simchat Torah’ holiday TLV1 Radio-Oct 14, 2014
Sharansky: We are saving Jews from Ukraine, Iran The Times of Israel 28/03-14
Pending deal with Women of the Wall would annul regulations banning non-Orthodox practice at Kotel JPost 26/03-14
Scroll makes a stop in Everett 22/03-14
Women of the Wall spokesperson to visit Shaarey TikvahCleveland Jewish News 21/03-14
Conservative, Reform rabbis rile against Western Wall transfer plan 28/02-14
Conservative and Reform rabbis: Robinson’s Arch transfer “infuriating and unacceptable” Jewish Telegraphic Agency 27/02-14
Israeli cabinet secretary plans to block Robinson’s Arch transfer Jewish Telegraphic Agency 27/02-14
Robinson’s Arch Deal Angers Reform and Conservative Leaders The Jewish Daily Forward 27/02-14
Tentative Robinson’s Arch deal gives control to right-wing group Jewish Telegraphic Agency 26/02-14
Religion and State in Israel – February 27, 2014 Before It’s News 27/02-14 12:46
El-Ad rejects accusations it improperly acquired oversight of Western Wall area JPost 27/02-14 02:25
Reform and Conservative Jews Upset over Plans for Robinson’s ArchThe Jewish Press 26/02-14 20:48
Robinson’s Arch Handed to Right-Wing Group in Western Wall Shock The Jewish Daily Forward 26/02-14 19:14
Rabbis’ mission explores pluralism in Israel New Jersey Jewish News 26/02-14 16:04
– Streit um Jüdinnen mit Gebetsschal an der Klagemauer NWZ Online 25/02-14 07:10
Rutgers grad is voice for Israeli feminists New Jersey Jewish News 24/02-14 21:28
Bennett to US Jewish leaders: ‘Change in religious status quo in Israel will take time,’ JPost 18/02-14 02:59
Anat Hoffman speaks Intermountain Jewish News 13/02-14 21:47
D’var Torah: Rosh Hodesh and Women of the Wall Daily Kos 31/01-14 19:34
Women of Wall, government reportedly near agreement The Jewish News Weekly 30/01-14 21:56
Victory in the Fight against Women’s Exclusion New Israel Fund 30/01-14 21:22
Women of the Wall Chairperson speaks on discrimination in Israel 30/01-14 21:00
Women of Wall near agreement Intermountain Jewish News 30/01-14 19:55
From synagogue to parliament: South America’s first rabbi-MP in the spotlight JPost 29/01-14 14:46
Women Of The Wall Nearing Agreement With Israeli Government The Jewish Week 28/01-14 16:59
Report: Women of the Wall nearing agreement with Israeli gov’t Cleveland Jewish News 28/01-14 13:13
Wrapped Up in Tradition The Times Of Israel Blog 28/01-14 12:15
Report: Women of the Wall near agreement with Israeli gov’t Jewish Telegraphic Agency 27/01-14 19:30
Women of the Wall on verge of finalizing move to new egalitarian space 27/01-14 08:07
Women of the Wall Nearing Agreement With Israeli Government After Months of Negotiations Juan Cole 27/01-14 00:52
Women of the Wall Nearing Agreement With Israeli Government After Months of Negotiations The Jewish Daily Forward 26/01-14 23:58
Anat Hoffman, Women of the Wall co-founder, to speak in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 24/01-14 16:17
Orthodox day schools to allow women to don tefillin at daily minyan JPost 22/01-14 23:36
Orthodox girls fight for the right to don tefillin The Times of Israel 21/01-14 17:50
Meet Jewrotica’s ‘Sexiest Rabbis of 2013′ New York Post 20/01-14 09:45
The Union for Reform Judaism’s 72 Biennial a memorable experience The Jewish Voice and Herald 17/01-14 14:37
Religion and State in Israel – January 16, 2014 Before It’s News 16/01-14 12:49
Stamford teen wins national contest – and travels to Judaism’s holiest site Jewish Ledger 15/01-14 18:46
Our next challenge: making it to the finish line… of the 2014 Jerusalem Marathon The Times Of Israel Blog 13/01-14 08:33
Women on top: Women of the Wall’s contribution to Israeli and Jewish feminism The Times Of Israel Blog 08/01-14 10:29
Women of the Wall face Torah smuggling controversy at Shevat Rosh Hodesh prayers 06/01-14 05:30
Jewish Leaders for 2014 The Times Of Israel Blog 05/01-14 21:15
US teen contest winners reflect on praying with WoW The Times of Israel 03/01-14 10:12
Let my sister go Ynet 03/01-14 08:59
Women of Wall service quiet, but without Torah scroll Jewish Telegraphic Agency 02/01-14 11:52
Three U.S. teens win trip to Israel to pray together with the Women of the Wall Before It’s News 02/01-14 18:55
Top Religion Newsmakers, Game-Changers And Prophets Of 2013 Democratic Underground 02/01-14 15:42
Religion and State in Israel – January 2, 2014 Before It’s News 02/01-14 12:50
Women of the Wall Hold Monthly Prayer at Kotel Without Torah Scroll The Jewish Daily Forward 02/01-14 12:17
Women of the Wall Allowed, but Their Torah Scroll Banned from Kotel Israel and Stuff 02/01-14 12:03
200 Women of the Wall Participate in Kotel Service Arutz Sheva 02/01-14 11:22
Women of the Wall Upset as Torah Scroll Banned from Kotel Arutz Sheva 02/01-14 11:24
Women of the Wall caught sneaking in Torah to Kotel 02/01-14 10:04
US teens win contest to pray with Women of the Wall The Times of Israel 01/01-14 09:08


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Women of the Wall’s Susan Silverman named one of ‘sexiest’ rabbis by Jewrotica The Jerusalem Post 31/12-13 02:16
Are Women of the Wall Pathbreakers — or Provocateurs? Democratic Underground 31/12-13 00:27
Arutz Sheva’s Director Rabbanit Melamed Meets WoW in Beit El Arutz Sheva 30/12-13 19:39
Are Women of the Wall Pathbreakers — or Provocateurs? The Jewish Daily Forward 30/12-13 18:04

Young Women of the Wall The Times Of Israel Blog 30/12-13 08:23
Audio: Interview with Rabbi Saul Berman on the State of US Jewry Arutz Sheva 29/12-13 16:00
Election fraud in Beit Shemesh: The fight goes on Jewish Telegraphic Agency 26/12-13 15:38
With court’s vote fraud finding, the fight for Beit Shemesh resumes Jewish Telegraphic Agency 26/12-13 15:38
Eq-wall-ity slogan wins U.S. teen a trip to Israel with Women of the Wall 26/12-13 15:22
Most-read stories of 2013 || From Women of the Wall to the Mandela funeral fiasco 23/12-13 12:48
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Thousands of Jewish Leaders Convene in San Diego to Reimagine Jewish Life Union For Reform Judaism 09/12-13 15:22
Home of Women of the Wall leader vandalized, again Israel Hayom 06/12-13 11:27
WoW’s Cidor Blames the Rabbonim Yeshiva World News 05/12-13 22:46
WoW’s Cidor: Next Time It’ll be an Explosive Device Arutz Sheva 05/12-13 22:13
Woman of the Wall activist targeted by vandals The Times of Israel 05/12-13 21:28
Peggy Cidor’s House Vandalized: Women Of The Wall Board Member’s Home Painted With Threatening Graffiti 05/12-13 21:06
Peggy Cidor’s House Vandalized: Women Of The Wall Board Member’s Home Painted With Threatening Graffiti The Huffington Post 05/12-13 20:50 Reform biennial promises to be inspiring event Cleveland Jewish News 05/12-13 19:00
House of Women of the Wall board member vandalized Jewish Telegraphic Agency 05/12-13 12:31
Women Of The Wall Leader’s Home Vandalized The Jewish Week 05/12-13 13:59
Graffiti Scrawled on Home of WOTW Member Arutz Sheva 05/12-13 10:32
Threatening graffiti sprayed on Women of the Wall board member’s home 05/12-13 09:07
J’lem: Nazi graffiti on Women of Wall member’s home Ynetnews 05/12-13 08:30
Women Of The Wall Board Member’s Home Painted With Threatening Graffiti Daily Me 05/12-13 01:37
MIDEAST-JERUSALEM-“WOMEN OF THE WALL”-ROSH HODESH-MONTHLY PRAYER SERVICE Bulgarian News Agency (EN) 04/12-13 22:40 Women of the Wall hold second peaceful service at Kotel 04/12-13 18:53
Protest Tefilla at the Kosel Canceled at the Behest of Rabbi Rabinowitz Yeshiva World News 04/12-13 18:28
Dealing With Prayer At The Kotel The Jewish Week 04/12-13 14:36
100 Women Gather at Women of the Wall Services — Without Protests The Jewish Daily Forward 04/12-13 13:16
100 Women Gather at Women of the Wall Services, Without Protests The Jewish Daily Forward 04/12-13 12:46
Women of the Wall pray with little disturbance AllVoices 04/12-13 10:13
Women of the Wall pray with little disturbance Jewish Telegraphic Agency 04/12-13 10:11
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In German:
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In German:
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Russian News:

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Local women put focus on campaign for equality at Western Wall, JWeekly 30.9.10

Western Wall is for everyone- So give women equal access, Jweekly 30.9.10

Police call for Pressing Charges against Torah-carrying activist at Western Wall, Haaretz 24.9.10

Chicago-area Jewish women hold Torah to send a message Photos of women holding Torah capture religion’s divide and protest arrest of woman who held a Torah at Western Wall in Israel, Chicago Tribune 19.9.10

Let women sing at Wailing Wall: On High Holy Days, a plea to open Israel’s holiest site to all Jews, San Francisco Sentinel 12.9.10

Let women sing at Wailing Wall: On High Holy Days, a plea to open Israel’s holiest site to all Jews, NY Daily News 12.9.10 August 2010

Perfect Harmony, Jerusalem Post 20.8.10 In Israel, A Fight to Make the Wall More Inclusive, TIME 12.8.10

Women of the Wall to hold Kotel services, Jerusalem Post 11.8.10

Women holding Torah to send photos to Israeli leaders, JTA 4.8.10

Women Take on the Orthodox, IPS 9.8.10

Faith in Doubt, Jewish Review of Books July 2010

Anat Hoffman Interviewed on NPR, NPR 30.07.10

Women of the Wall headed arrested at Kotel, JTA 12.7.10

Women of the Wall Leader Arrested for Carrying a Torah Scroll, The Forward 12.7.10

Cops release Women of the Wall leader, Jerusalem Post 12.7.10

Police arrest Women of the Wall leader for praying with Torah scroll, Haaretz 12.7.10

Women arrested at the Western Wall for holding the Torah, DEMOTIX 12.7.10 May 2010

Woman attacked for tefillin imprint, JTA 13.5.10April 2010

Holding Leaders Accountable for Kotel Violence Against Women, Forward 8.4.10

Praying Landed Her in Trouble, womenetics 14.4.10 March 2010

The Right Message at the Wall, Jerusalem Post 19.3.10

Haredim throw chairs at praying women, YNet 16.3.10

Loosey Goosey Saudi, New York Times 2.3.10

Religious Revolution and Counterrevolution in Israel, The Huffington Post 1.3.10 February 2010

Oren: Dispute at Wall will require ‘compromise’, JTA 23.2.10

Poll: 90% of Israelis want less gender-separation at Kotel, Jerusalem Post 23.2.10

Women of the Wall called ‘Nazis’, Jerusalem Post 16.2.10

Women of the Wall:Worshipers called us Nazis, Ynet 15.2.10

GTA rabbis protest arrests of women at Kotel, Ynet 13.2.10

‘Western Wall shouldn’t be a Synagogue’, Jerusalem Post 4.2.10 January 2010

Free the Wall, Ynet 3.1.10

Women of the Wall Leader interrogated by the police, Forward 6.1.10

Liberating the Wall, Forward 6.1.10

Maybe in 2010 Zionism means enduring in prison, The Huffington Post 9.1.10

Robinsons arch “solution” is no solution, Forward 12.01.10

What the Women of the Wall want, Forward 13.1.10

Women of the Wall, Ynet 18.1.10

Leaders mull to protest restrictions at the Kotel, Forward 22.1.10

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