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Groups in Israel

Offer your group in Israel: The Women of the Wall Experience

Join us at the Kotel on Rosh Hodesh: If you can, plan ahead- for a list of Rosh Hodesh dates, when WOW meet at the Kotel

Invite a WOW representative to speak to your group will:

  • See amazing videos of Women of the Wall in action
  • Hear a first hand experience from a Women of the Wall leader and activist
  • Learn about the history and trajectory of our movement, women’s empowerment and pluralism,  at the Kotel and in Israel.
  • Find out how they can get involved in Women of the Wall

Invite a speaker to meet with your group to learn more about WOW and how you can be involved.

  • Groups will be asked to find and secure a meeting room in Jerusalem, preferably with audio/visual presentation capabilities. We do not provide lectures or meetings outdoors for logistical reasons.Women of the Wall cannot take responsibility for securing meeting space.
  • Groups will be asked to pay a $150 honorarium, a donation to Women of the Wall, to help us continue our work, in exchange for a lecture by a WOW representative
  • Women of the Wall do not schedule meetings on Shabbat, Friday nights and Saturdays

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Meet Women of the Wall in Israel

Meet with a representative of Women of the Wall when you are in Israel. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.