Orange campaign

Today, many families place oranges on their seder plate during Passover.  This comes from an urban legend of a little girl who sat with her father and great Rabbis at the seder table.  She said to the group that she would like to be a Rabbi just like them.  They said “No! A woman at the pulpit is like putting bread on the seder plate!”  She responded, “No, it’s like having an orange on the seder plate.  It is something round, and orange and wonderful.  It is just something different.”  Since then, many feminists put oranges on their seder plates.


Before Passover 2012, Women Of the Wall hoped that its supporters would place an orange on their seder plates in solidarity with WOW.  WOW asked that its supporters take a picture of themselves with an orange with their name, city and WOW written on its peel and make it their Facebook profile pictures.  This simple gesture helped get the word out about what is happening in Israel and encourage new supporters in our mission. Thank you to all who participated!  And you can still join, the oranges are always fresh!

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