Bat Mitzvah

Are you planning on having your Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem? Have your bat mitzvah with Women of the Wall on Rosh Hodesh! Share your special moment with a strong community of women. Find Women of the Wall’s future Rosh Hodesh prayer dates here.

In addition to celebrating your own simcha at the Kotel, you would be partaking in a movement to ensure the right of women to free prayer at the Kotel. Women of the Wall is a monthly women’s prayer group whose central mission is to achieve the social and legal recognition of our right, as women, to wear prayer shawls, pray, and read from the Torah collectively and out loud at the Western Wall. Learn more about WOW here.

Find Women of the Wall’s future Rosh Hodesh prayer dates here.

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Bat Mitzvah

Can I celebrate Bat Mitzvah with Women of the Wall at a time other than Rosh Hodesh?

At this time, Women of the Wall welcomes you to celebrate your Bat Mitzvah during our monthly Rosh Hodesh service. Rosh Hodesh (literally translated as “the head of the month”) is the celebration of the new month of the Hebrew calendar and is often considered to be a women’s holiday. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot organize Bat Mitzvah ceremonies on other days of the month. If you would like to have a bat mitzvah at the Kotel but cannot make it for our Rosh Hodesh service, please contact us and we will connect you with (not sure what to put here?) To learn more about Rosh Hodesh click here, to see a complete list of WOW services and future Rosh Hodesh dates, click here.

Do you offer adult bat mitzvah ceremonies?

Women of the Wall is very excited to offer adult b’not mitzvah. We are happy to work with you to shape your bat mitzvah to be the best experience for you. Please see the relevant form for an adult bat mitzvah. As Women of the Wall, we know that bat mitzvah ceremonies have not always been accessible to everyone, especially women, so we would be happy to celebrate this simcha with you.

Does Women of the Wall hold Bat Mitzvah ceremonies at Robinson’s Arch?

Women of the Wall holds Bat Mitzvah ceremonies during Rosh Hodesh prayers in the Women’s section of the Kotel. We are committed to fighting for women’s right to pray out loud, to wear tallitot (prayer shawls) and tefillin (phylacteries) and to chant from a torah scroll in the women’s section of the Kotel. We therefore do not hold b’not mitzvah at Robinson’s Arch, the egalitarian prayer section located on a archeological outside of the Western Wall Plaza (Is there a good link to explain Robinson’s Arch?)

How much prior Jewish knowledge do I need?

There is no minimum requirement of Jewish knowledge necessary to become a bat mitzvah with Women of the Wall. We will work with you to shape a service that best suits your abilities and what you want your bat mitzvah to be.

How would I be trained for my bat mitzvah?

Women of the Wall has a strong network of rabbis and cantors in Israel as well as outside of Israel with whom we can connect you to help you prepare for your bat mitzvah. Most rabbis and cantors are willing to work via Skype if meeting in person is not logistically possible. However, Women of the Wall as an organization does not provide training. The type of training you receive depends on what you envision your Bat Mitzvah experience to look like.

Who can attend my bat mitzvah?

Women of the Wall is a women’s prayer group, therefore only women are permitted to join us during Rosh Hodesh services. However, WOW has a strong network of male supporters who participate from behind the women’s section, and can see and hear everything that happens during the prayer service.

Will there be a Torah scroll at my bat mitzvah?

The current struggle of Women of the Wall is to be allowed to read from a Torah scroll. Currently, women are refused entrance into the Kotel with our own Torah and women are refused access to the Torah scrolls that are provided in the men’s section. In October of 2014, Women of the Wall chanted from a mini Torah at the Kotel for the first time in 25 years. While it is possible that the Torah will be successfully brought into the Kotel and chanted from, Women of the Wall does not know what will happen from month to month. We therefore cannot guarantee that you will be chanting from a Torah scroll. However, in the event that there is no Torah scroll, you will be chanting from a book with the text of Torah. We hope that in the future women will be granted their right to chant from Torah scrolls at the Kotel.

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